• Address: Jiangsu Province, China
  • Certified: ISO 9001: 2010

20 tph WNS gas-fired steam boiler for milk products plant

20 tph WNS gas-fired steam boiler for milk products plant
  • Client : Yili Dairy
  • Location :Lijin Binhai New Area
  • Equipment :WNS20-1.25-Q
  • Project boiler medium : Steam
  • Capacity :20 tph

Case introduction

The production and processing of dairy products require a large amount of steam to distill, disinfect, dry, and shape the food. The customer's boiler house is arranged in a single layer. After our technical staff visits the site and communicates with customers, ZOZEN decided to use two units of 10 tph oil and gas dual-use steam boilers in this project. This type of boiler adopts a mechanical and electrical integration structure, generous appearance, less investment in infrastructure; our boiler is strictly in accordance with the requirements of the customer to complete the standard, and we provide full equipment debugging, technical guidance, regular return visits, collection Feedback, which makes customer relieved and satisfied. 


Customer feedback

ZOZEN boiler tailored the special steam boiler and supporting auxiliary design program for us according to our demand for production capacity, raw materials and investment cost budget. After the equipment is shipped from the factory, ZOZEN boiler arranges staff to check over goods in person, and provides equipment installation technical guidance and commissioning operation throughout the process to ensure that the customer's equipment is put into use normally.

— Yili Dairy

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